Offering customized yoga solutions in your home, in my space or virtually to help you achieve your goals.

How many different ways are you able to move your arms? How many different ways do you actually move your arms every day?

Typically we perform the same motions over and over again, eventually limiting our bodies to those same movements. Let's create new motions being mindful of what our body wants and needs.

Moving mindfully through life.

If we pause and notice the motions of everyday life and are more mindful of those motions, we can create more space. Space for joy in our lives and comfort in our bodies.

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Trying something new can be scary.

That is why I am here! Whether you are someone who just wants a couple hours of help to feel more confident walking into that yoga class at the gym, or someone who wants long-term one-on-one instruction in your own home or in my space, I have got your back!

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